2019-2020 Choir Audition Instructions

Please read ALL audition information carefully PRIOR to the auditions. Parents and students must review and agree to these guidelines, rules, and conditions prior to auditioning for the 2019-2020 year. Students MUST print, fill out, and bring the audition card with them to their vocal audition.


Choir auditions consist of two parts: vocal and dance. All students wishing to audition must sign up for an audition time for the vocal audition and attend the entire dance audition.


Required for Xpressions, Sound FX, Soundtrax, Connexion, Xquisite, & Vocal Production

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How to Audition: 

·      Sign-up for a Vocal Audition: Incoming freshman and high school non-choir members, sign up for an audition time with the choir director at your school.  Current choir members will be assigned an audition time and audition during class. If you are transferring to Los Alamitos High School or have an audition conflict, please contact mdherlin@losal.org.           

·      Complete Audition Card: Bring your completed audition card to your vocal audition.  Be sure to indicate your preference of groups should you not be selected for your first choice.  All students who are accepted into Sound FX must be in a second choir. 

·      Complete Choir Handbook(returning members only): All returning high school choir members must complete their choir handbook online before vocal auditions.  New members and incoming freshman will receive the choir handbook after choirs are selected.  The choir handbook can be viewed online here.

      What to Expect:

·      Vocal Performance: Be prepared to sign a short excerpt (approximately 32 bars) of a prepared piece that shows off your vocal strength. Prepare 32 measures, but you may be only asked to sing 16 measures. Bring sheet music in the correct key for the accompanist or be prepared to sing a cappella.  Here you will find a recommended list of audition songs: https://www.musicnotes.com/now/news/50-best-songs-for-vocal-auditions-with-16-and-32-bar-audition-cuts/

·      Vocal Range Assessment: You will sing with the piano to determine your highest and lowest notes.  

·      Tonal Recall: Pianist will play a series of notes and you will sing back the notes you hear.  

·      Sight Singing: Sight read a simple melodic 4 bar phrase.

Dance Auditions

Required for Sound FX, Soundtrax, Connexion & XquisitE

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      What to Expect:

·       Audition Date: Student must plan to stay through the entire audition. Women must be available for both days of women’s dance auditions.  Women will be assigned an audition date after vocal auditions.  

·       What to Wear: You should be dressed in form fitting clothes and appropriate dance shoes. Both men and women should have their hair pulled back away from face. You will receive an audition number to wear when you check in. 

·       Dance Performance: Be prepared to learn a short dance combination from one of our choreographers.  We will divide you into small groups and you will perform the dance combination with your group.  

ALL AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED – No parents, friends, or other observers allowed

MANDATORY CHOIR PARENT MEETING: Monday, June 3, 2019 • 7:00pm 

Cypress Bingo Hall: 5856 Corporate Ave Suite 100 Cypress, CA

Parking is available in nearby Business Parks