Xtravaganza 2019

Rules & Regulations


Groups may present any type of performance that they wish.  There is no minimum or maximum number of songs required. All choirs will be judged without regard to group size, school size, instrumentation, etc. 


Any kind of live musical accompaniment may be used, including prerecorded cds/electronic devices or live bands.  Middle Schools and Novice groups may use pre-recorded accompaniment. CD or iPod should be brought to the theatre tech booth prior to the start of competition.

Two front row seats will be reserved for the directors.  Directors may conduct any portion of their show from the floor or the stage.


The total time allotted onstage varies by division.  Times include set-up, performance and take-down. 

  • Middle School Divisions = 20 minutes

  • Novice & Men’s groups = 20 minutes

  • Intermediate Groups = 25 minutes

  • Advanced Women = 25 minutes

  • Tier 2/AA = 30 minutes

  • Tier 1/AAA = 35 minutes

All groups will be timed. The penalty for going over the allotted time limit is a 1% deduction of the total points possible for every 15 seconds or portion thereof.  e.g. 1 minute over time = 4% deduction.


Advanced Groups with exactly 40 members have the option of competing in the Tier 2/AA division (40 members or less) or Tier 1/ AAA division (over 40 members).  

Back -up band members and accompanists are not required to be students and may perform with any number of choirs.  Directors also have the option to accompany their choirs.


Middle School and Novice Divisions:  The risers will automatically be set up for all groups and MAY NOT be moved. 4 rows (4 risers across) of Stageright 4’ x 8’ risers (8”, 16”, 24” & 36”) spaced 12 feet from the leading edge of the stage. In addition, two sets of 24” (two step) stairs will be provided (and may be moved).  If you do not need the 4th row of risers, simply do not use them.

Intermediate Mixed, Men’s and Women’s Divisions: The risers will automatically be set up for all groups 4 rows (4 risers across) of Stageright 4’ x 8’ risers (12”, 24”, 36” & 48”) spaced 12 feet from the leading edge of the stage. In addition, two sets of 24” and 2 sets of 36” (two step) stairs will be provided (and may be moved).  For Advanced Men’s & Women’s if you do not need the 4th   row of risers they will be removed for you – indicate this on your tech forms and submit by March 1st .

Advanced Mixed Divisions, Tier 1 & 2:  Advanced groups MAY alter riser set up with prior approval by submitting the Riser Configuration form no later than March 1st. Additional risers MUST be indicated on the Riser Configuration Form. Groups without prior approval will not be allowed to alter the riser setup.

 In order to maintain a reasonable schedule and fairness, this rule of indicating custom riser set-ups by March 1st will be strictly enforced. 


Our Stage Manager will have a copy of each choir's pre-submitted Riser Configuration Form and our tech crew will assist with your onstage set-up and take-down. Please note that any changes to your submitted Riser Configuration form must be approved by the Event Director 24 hours before your group takes the stage.  

Groups may use the stage wings to place props and or change costumes during their performance. 


All groups must use the house sound system provided. There are 5 cordless microphones on stands in front of the curtains which may be moved at each group’s discretion. In addition, there are general area mics overhead which are not adjustable.


Groups should email their Lighting Cue Sheets, in advance. We will do everything possible to provide excellent lighting for your show. Please bring a back-up copy of your Lighting Cue Form and turn it in during load-in time. It is recommended that a representative sit with the lighting board technician to clarify any request


A drum set, 10 music stands, 10 chairs, a 6 ft. Kawai grand piano and Roland 350 amp will be provided.

Groups should NOT bring these items. 

The use of special effects must be pre-approved by the Event Director by March 1st. Use of special effects must stay within the boundaries of the stage and must be removed following the performance to avoid penalties. A 10 point penalty will be levied for each infraction. 


Absolutely NO FOOD, DRINK, PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY will be allowed in the theatre. This will be strictly enforced. We ask that you have your chaperones help your students with this policy. This rule applies to ALL audience members, including parents, friends and spectators. Groups will be penalized for infractions of this rule (at the discretion of the Xtravaganza officials/Director).

If you wish to have photos of your performance you must purchase this option in advance on the registration form. Our in-house photographers will photograph your group and a flash drive featuring 400+ pictures will be mailed to you (approximately 2 weeks after the competition). Please contact the event coordinator if you wish to add this option to your registration any time before March 10th.

Photographers and Xtravaganza officials reserve the right to publish any photos or video taken at the event via newspaper, website or other media outlet in order to promote our event.

Each group MUST have a completed Liability Form on file before participating in our event.

In  keeping with the California school code, the presence or use of alcohol or any 

controlled substance by any participants or guests in any place on campus 

will be cause for disqualification of that school from the competition.

All rules & guidelines may be changed at the discretion of the Event Director in order 

to provide the maximum experience for all students.

Point deductions for infractions are also at the discretion of the Event Director.