Time Commitment

Shows: All members are required to participate in all home performances, shows, and competitions throughout the year (Broadway, Holiday, Spring & Pops Shows.) This in addition to working each day in class and any after school rehearsals. Please note additional rehearsals may be added to the calendar at the discretion of the Director. Before each home show, all choir students are required to attend both the technical and dress rehearsals. Exact rehearsal and performance dates and times will be listed on the choir calendar on Charms. The TYPICAL time commitment for a home show is as follows:

·      Tech Rehearsal: All-day Saturday the weekend prior to the show. Students will be given a break for lunch but should bring water. 

·      Dress Rehearsal: The Wednesday evening the week of the show. Students should bring water and must have all costumes and accessories in show-ready condition. 

·       Performances: Thursday evening, Friday evening, and all-day Saturday.

Competitions: All choirs, with the exception of Xpressions, will participate in various competitions throughout the spring semester. Competition season runs from the beginning of February through the end of April. Competitions are scheduled on almost every weekend, typically on Friday night or all-day Saturday. These events require long days and late nights. The schedule of events will be published early, but changes are frequent. Many students are successful at juggling participation in an advanced choral group with other school activities including sports, AP classes and Student Government. Students are discouraged from having an outside job that requires many hours during competition season. 

Note: Not all events are listed above and calendar is subject to change. Always use the Charms to access the up to date calendar.

Note: Not all events are listed above and calendar is subject to change. Always use the Charms to access the up to date calendar.

Advanced & Intermediate Choirs: The schedule demands made upon the advanced and intermediate choir students are significant. Refer to the choir calendar frequently to plan your year. Students that do not fulfill their responsibility to the choir will be dropped from their performance group(s). Show choir is considered a team sport and each absence affects everyone in the group and the program as a whole. This includes absences during school breaks or for major family events. Students must plan to attend every rehearsal.

§  Advanced Choirs: Sound FX & Soundtrax

o  Retreat dates are listed above and on the Charms calendar – competition material will be learned at retreat

o  All Saturdays in January and February are reserved for rehearsals

o  Sound FX: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00-6:00pm throughout the year

o  Soundtrax: Mondays 3:00-6:00pm throughout the year 

§  Intermediate Choirs: Connexion & Xquisite

o  Connexion: Mondays 3:00-6:00pm during competition season

o  Xquisite: Thursday 3:00-6:00pm during competition season