July 15, 2016
Welcome from your new Noteables president

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Los Alamitos Choir program...National Show Choir champions for 3 years running. But we are also so much more.
You have found an amazing village of students, parents, staff, community members and friends who have helped to shape our choir program into something incredible.
Whether you are a supporter from far away or the parent of a choir student, we invite you to join us and help to keep our program a national leader. We hope YOU can:

- donate food

- volunteer at a show
- work at bingo
- build a set

- sew a costume
- drive a truck

- send an email
- become a booster club member
-help at Xtravaganza (the largest choir competition in the West!)

- chaperone a competition,
...or come to see our shows (and bring a friend!)
We need everyone to contribute! Los Alamitos Choir would not be where it is today without all of our volunteers. Los Alamitos Unified School District is a great supporter of the arts yet they can only give our program so much. We need YOU to help us continue to provide our students an amazing experience.
On this website and on our Facebook page (Los Alamitos Show Choir) you will find much of the information you will need to contribute. Consider helping in as many ways as you can. You won’t regret the time spent making new friends, meeting your child’s friends, or watching students grow and achieve things they never thought they could.
You might even be there helping out on a day when an acclaimed choreographer shows up to teach, or you get a sneak peek of the new competition set before anyone else. There's a good chance that you may even be brought to tears multiple times watching students give their all every time they’re on stage. Yes, that happened to me.
I look forward to meeting you, seeing you and helping out our amazing program with YOU.
Thank you for being a part of Los Alamitos Choirs!
Anne Kiner
NoteAbles Booster Club President
June 12, 2016
2016-17 Choir Lists are up!
Congratulations to the members of next year’s Los Alamitos Choral Program!
We are excited about the future of each of our groups. We have high expectations for every member in every choir. As a team, we strongly encourage our students to continue working on their singing and dancing over the summer and to come back to school with more confidence and ability.
Please check out local camps including our Xcite! Show Choir and Music Theatre Camps. The Xcite camps offer an amazing opportunity to meet new members of the choir and work with members of our staff to help begin the year with an enthusiastic confidence. Click here to register for Xcite camps:  
Members of our advanced groups are expected to complete summer assignments in singing and dance training. Check out OCSD summer camp in August as well. The following class lists will be given to the guidance counselors to make adjustments in schedules. 2016-2017 Choir Season is going to be epic. Hope to see you at camp.
To view the lists, go here.page1image7656
Mr. Moellenkamp
Ms. Dherlin 


May 24, 2016
2016-17 Student Handbook
now available for review and signatures
It's time to get a jump on next year!  
Whether you're new to the program or a returning parent/student, make sure you take time to review all the important information that you'll need to know.  Then make sure you sign where you're required to do so.  If you're a parent, you must sign as a parent using your own name and not your student's name.  Start out with an "A" for the coming year by completing this assignment as soon as possible!
Go here for the link for the 2016-17 Student Handbook.  
April 4, 2016
SoundTrax and SoundFX 3-peat in Nashville
For the third year in a row, Soundtrax and SoundFX’s have won National Grand Championships.  The dual victories happened this past weekend on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville where both competed against choirs from throughout the United States.
SoundTrax also earned awards for Best Vocals, Best Visuals and Paris Robertson was named Best Soloist .  SoundFX won awards for Best Visuals and Best Vocals.  Jenna Rosen was named the competition’s Best Female Soloist.
“I’m extremely proud of how hard every single one of our students in both groups worked to get to this point.  Their performances on stage at the Grand Ole Opry were spectacular and worthy of them being named national champions,” said Choir Director David Moellenkamp.