August 29, 2015
Vocal Production performs with Foreigner
As a reward for winning the Mark in the Morning jingle contest back in June, members of our Vocal Production class collected their prize on Thursday evening when they joined rock super group Foreigner on stage at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine. Our students sang "I Want to Know What Love Is" before a sold out audience of more than 12,000 fans.  Foreigner is a big supporter of the Grammy Foundation and uses performances such as these to promote music education while out on tour.  The group also will donate $500 to our program as a thank you to our music program.
August 27, 2015
Join us for our Welcome Back Picnic
and Open Mic Talent Show
Everyone is invited to our annual Welcome Back Picnic and Open Mic Talent Show on Sunday, August 30 from 12:30 - 4 pm taking place behind the Performing Arts Center on campus. This year, we've added the open mic talent show to our festivities, so students can strut their stuff on stage, whether it's singing, dancing, improv, juggling, or some other hidden talent. 
It's everyone's first chance to hear what we've all been missing since the curtain went down on our last Pops Show in June. And every act that performs will be entered into a raffle drawing for prizes! Students can even perform more than once if time allows.
We've also got food trucks rolling on scene, including TK Burgers and Beach Bus Bistro who will be offering up a great menu of burgers, sandwiches and icy cold shaved ice.  You can also bring your own edibles if you prefer.
And for some added great news.....according to weather reports, highs will be considerably cooler than the low 80s, and partly cloudy with winds ranging up to 10 mph, but you still might want to still bring your pop-ups, blankets and comfort stuff. 
For questions, contact Noteables Booster President Rachel Gooch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We'll see you on Sunday!

August 27, 2015

Playbill's Interview with David Moellenkamp


Meet the Teachers Who are Shaping Broadway.  
How They Train Their Students to Make it to the Top
By Adam Hetrick - Playbill

David Moellenkamp

Los Alamitos High School, CA
(14 years at Stagedoor Manor)
Student success stories include Skylar Astin, Samantha Massell and more
Favorite show staged with students: 42nd Street

About his passion for teaching theatre:
I love watching kids grow into confident human beings.

The biggest challenges young performers face today:
I think the bar keeps being set higher in theatre every year. Young performers have to be able to have bigger vocal and acting ranges. The roles on Broadway currently are much more challenging then they were 20 years ago.

How has the industry changed over the course of your teaching career?
I think there are now many more venues for talent to be showcased. YouTube and other shows on TV have opened up more opportunities for people to shine and be noticed.

David Moellenkamp

What new skill sets should performers have?
Not only does a performer have to be a triple threat but they also need to know how to market themselves.

The "truth" about theatre:
It's hard work. As a teacher we need to realize that the only limits our students have are the ones we place on them. As Jojo says in Suessical "Anythings Possible"!

What piece of advice do you hope all of your students will carry with them?
If you believe you can achieve.

What's the worst showbiz advice you've heard?
"Try and imitate a performer." I think it's important to find truth in every character and imitation isn't always the quickest or best path in finding a character.

What have your students taught you?
My students have taught me the importance of being prepared. Students have about a 17-minute attention span and clear and precise instruction will certainly keep the students on task and focused.

Proudest moment as a teacher?
Watching one of my students succeed in a role she never thought she could do. She tried quitting the show and I wouldn't let her. Once she starting receiving affirmation from myself and other cast members you could see her world had changed. She ended up majoring in music theatre and working on Broadway.

What is something everyone can take away from experiencing art in schools/arts education?

The arts allow students to become more connected to the school. Sometimes the arts classes are the only reasons a child will want to attend school. Kids involved in the arts have higher attendance and graduation rates.

If there is one thing that you hope your students take with them after studying with you it would be:
Don't spend to much time questioning every decision and believing in yourself is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

August 14, 2015
Let's Picnic at the PAC
Save the date!  Our annual welcome back picnic for all choir members and their families is taking place Sunday, August 30 from 1-4 pm behind the Performing Arts Center at LAHS. We've got food trucks coming and we're working out the final details for a casual and fun student talent show.  So decide on some songs, go solo or pull your group together and warm up those vocal cords for our first performances of the year. Stay tuned for more details to come!
August 2, 2015
2015-16 Noteables Membership Packets now available
One of the best ways to support our choir program is through a membership in the Noteables Booster Club.  Membership packets are now available with memberships starting for as little as $100.  Get priority seating for all our upcoming shows as well as a host of other great benefits when you join.  To view the packet, go here.

July 27, 2015


ALUMNI UPDATES: Amanda Gabel rocks out in her band's new video; Ryan Rusin gives us an insider's look on competing in New York City and Chicago
Our talented alumni are at it again!
Amanda Gabel (Class of '10) and her band, We're No Gentlemen, have just released their first single, "Mirror, Mirror" and we're pleased to tell you, it's a great roll-down-the-windows-while-cruising-down-PCH summertime rocker. 
Amanda joined the Long Beach based indie rock quartet last year and now they're making waves and starting to build a following. Take a look at "Mirror, Mirror" and you'll see why. 
Support Amanda and her band on their Facebook page with a "Like".  They also play on a regular basis throughout So Cal, so you might want to check them out live in the near future.  
Amanda is not the only alum making news.  Ryan Rusin (Class of '15) recently released a video collage based on his experiences in SoundFX, competing (and winning!) in New York City and Chicago.
We hope you enjoy both efforts, which are outstanding.


July 1, 2015
Our new Bingo Fundraiser program is spot on!
Our Bingo Fundraiser is our single biggest fundraising effort, raising more than $50,000 annually for our program. That's a significant amount of funds that make a big impact on our program.   Every Tuesday evening, 52 weeks a year, we host a popular game in Cypress for an excitable bunch of passionate players. But quite frankly, sometimes we're so popular that we don't have enough choir loving volunteers to staff our game. We just flat out need more help.  
To attract more volunteers, we came up with a pretty good idea.
Twice a year, our individual choirs will be responsible for staffing our Bingo Fundraiser for a month. Staff it to 100% of what we need, and we'll give your choir $150 for an end of the year party. Do it twice, and that's $300. Those folks who volunteer will also earn cash toward their individual accounts to offset their student choir expenses that come up throughout the year. 
The work is easy. The players are nice. And volunteer shifts are only 2 hours long. The only catch is that you must be at least 18 years old to staff the game. 
This all starts next week on July 7, and SoundFX is up first for this month, followed by Soundtrax in August.  The rest of the schedule is as follows: 
July and January - SoundFX
August and February - Soundtrax
September and March - Connexion
October and April - Xquisite
November and May - Xtreme
December and June - Axcent
If you are in Xpressions only,  you may pick any bingo shift in any month to help out.  Xpressions will automatically earn end of year party money every time FX and Trax fulfull their monthly commitments. Our goal is to build up our bingo workforce and create ownership across the choirs for our Bingo Fundraiser, our biggest fundraiser of the year.
If you have questions, contact our Bingo Scheduler Geri Lynn Smith at 562-256-6112.
The bottom line is this. Participate in our Bingo Fundraiser, and you can earn money for your student. You can earn money for your choir. And you can earn money for your choir program.  
Championship choirs and championship choir programs are all about team work.  Here's your chance to be a part of the Bingo Fundraiser team that is making a big difference in maintaining a championship caliber program.   
June 27, 2015
A chat with David Moellenkamp
June 9, 2015
Life after Los Al... 
There’s a curiosity factor about “what comes next” with students we’ve all watched on stage and gotten to know during their time in our choir program.  So we asked our seniors what their plans are for life after Los Al.  Here’s where some of our esteemed young men and women are headed in the next chapter of their lives…
Madi Joseph is majoring in Technical Theatre at Baylor University
Maria Lemire is attending New York University
Sarah Pisani is majoring in Business Administration at Cal Poly SLO
Sabrina Benfanti is pursuing a Nursing degree at the University of Arizona
Calvin Wong is joining the Navy
Sierra Oberacker is majoring in Liberal Studies at Loyola Marymount University
Abby Kurtz, Skye Meredith and Mitchel Dambrowski are all attending Young Americans College of the Performing Arts
Kassidy Dillon is majoring in Merchandise Product Development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise
Siobhan Allen is majoring in International Relations at New York University
Mikel Smith is majoring in Theater Arts at Evergreen State College
Nyoka Hunt is majoring in Psychology at CSU East Bay
Rey Barcelo is majoring in Computer Science at Stanford University
Kyla Woyshner is attending UC Berkeley
Karoline Ribak is majoring in Creative Producing at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Micaela Acuna is majoring in Marine Biology at CSU Long Beach
Kylee Cashion is majoring in Nursing
Tre Boutilier is majoring in Business at CSU Channel Islands
Tiffany Parham is majoring in Psychology at Loyola Marymount University
Cianna Camacho is majoring in Biology at CSU Long Beach
Kaitlyn Spear is majoring in Criminal Justice at the University of New Haven
Cheryl Bond is majoring in English and Political Science at Carnegie Mellon University
Soon, you’ll be a part of different tribes, and called 49ers, Dolphins, Panthers, Lions, Wildcats, Bears, Tartans and more.  But ALL of you have earned the right to be called Griffins for the rest of your amazing lives.  And just as important…to be called a Los Alamitos High School Choir Program alumni.
Good luck to all our seniors who are spreading out to the four corners of the United States and beyond. 
Come back for a visit and let us know how it’s going when you get a chance. 

June 7, 2015

REMINDER! Xcite camps start next Monday

June 3, 2015 
Vocal Production students to perform with Foreigner
Los Alamitos High School’s Vocal Production class will be jamming on stage with Foreigner this summer after winning a morning radio jingle contest today.  The students competed against Woodbridge High School in Irvine as finalists vying for the right to step on stage with the legendary rock group when they play at the Verizon Amphitheater in Irvine on August 27.
Both schools beat out dozens of other entries for the right to to be judged live on the Mark in the Morning Show on 100.3 FM.  Mark Thompson (formerly of the long running Mark and Brian Radio Show) brought in Glee alumni and celebrity judge Kevin McHale to help decide which group produced the best Mark in the Morning jingle, which both groups of students performed live on the air, along with a 60 second snippet of a song of their choosing.  
Listeners were also able to participate and support the students by texting in votes for their favorite group over the course of 30 minutes following each group’s performance.
The Vocal Production class is part of the Los Alamitos High School choir program under the direction of David Moellenkamp.  The program has eight choirs and more than 600 students, making it the largest extracurricular activity on campus.  
Students recently wrapped up a highly successful run, performing 17 sold-out shows over the course of the school year.  The program’s advanced mixed and advanced women’s groups also won National Grand Championships this spring for the second year in a row.