May 24, 2016
2016-17 Student Handbook
now available for review and signatures
It's time to get a jump on next year!  
Whether you're new to the program or a returning parent/student, make sure you take time to review all the important information that you'll need to know.  Then make sure you sign where you're required to do so.  If you're a parent, you must sign as a parent using your own name and not your student's name.  Start out with an "A" for the coming year by completing this assignment as soon as possible!
Go here for the link for the 2016-17 Student Handbook.  
May 1, 2016
SoundTrax and SoundFX win national championships in Chicago
For the second time this season, SoundTrax and SoundFX have been named National Grand Champions.  Both groups, competing in the FAME Shoir Choir Finals at the Genesee Theatre just outside of Chicago, scored impressive wins on their way to earning the right to be called double National Grand Champions.  The groups made history because this is the first time high school show choirs have won two national championships in the same year.
On Friday evening, SoundTrax won in the Unisex Division, capturing awards for Best Show Design, Best Vocals and Best Choreography. Malia Rivers was named Best Unisex Division Soloist.
On Saturday, SoundFX followed up with an equally impressive win, capturing awards for Best Costumes and Best Choreography. Jenna Rosen was named the Mixed Divison's Best Female Soloist.
Congratulations to both groups, with many members who are now gearing up for our program's production of Les Miserables in just a few short weeks.
April 25, 2016
Are you interested in making new friends
and becoming part of a national championship team?
As you get ready to sign up for next year classes, we hope that you will consider joining choir.  We have nearly 600 students performing in the choirs at Los Al, and we would love for you to become part of our choir family.  From little to no experience to the advanced singer and dancer, there is a choir for you.  Each of our seven choirs brings a unique personality to the stage performing a wide variety of music and working with recording artists and stars from around the world. Our choirs compete nationwide and are consistently recognized as being one of the best in the country, winning numerous local and national championships.  Whichever group you join, you will make friends and have a blast performing on stage.  
David Moellenkamp 
Director of Choral Activities 
Moana Dherlin 
Assistant Director of Activities
April 13, 2016
"Les Miz" tickets now on sale
Tickets are now on sale for "Les Miserables" taking place on May 13 at Cottonwood Auditorium at 7 pm.
Xpressions, accompanied by the LAHS orchestra, will perform this Broadway classic that tells the tale of freed prisoner Jean Valjean set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.
Tickets are $15 for general admission or $30 for reserved VIP seating. Students will be able to purchase tickets at the door for $10.  To buy advance tickets, go to our Box Office tab and scroll down to Buy Tickets.
UPDATE:  If you experience browser issues (some people are having trouble seeing the Buy Tickets tab), then go directly to the Seat Yourself link here.  
April 12, 2016
2016-17 audition schedule announced

April 4, 2016
SoundTrax and SoundFX 3-peat in Nashville
For the third year in a row, Soundtrax and SoundFX’s have won National Grand Championships.  The dual victories happened this past weekend on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville where both competed against choirs from throughout the United States.
SoundTrax also earned awards for Best Vocals, Best Visuals and Paris Robertson was named Best Soloist .  SoundFX won awards for Best Visuals and Best Vocals.  Jenna Rosen was named the competition’s Best Female Soloist.
“I’m extremely proud of how hard every single one of our students in both groups worked to get to this point.  Their performances on stage at the Grand Ole Opry were spectacular and worthy of them being named national champions,” said Choir Director David Moellenkamp.
March 22, 2016
Mr. Moellenkamp awarded the 2016 Kennedy Center/
Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award
A big congratulations are in order for Mr. Moellenkamp who today was announced as a winner of the 2016 Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award.
He joins 13 other teachers from across the country who were selected from a pool of nominees received through the Kennedy Center’s website.  Nominated by former student Ryan Rusin, Mr. Moellenkamp will receive a $10,000 grant and will be showcased on a website dedicated to inspirational teachers.

A short excerpt from Ryan’s nominating essay reads, “He forever is an imprint on my life, making me realize the possibility to make that imprint onto someone else, which is truly far greater than any other lesson I’ve ever learned in my educational career.”
"When I didn't make the basketball team, I thought my life was over,” said Mr. Moellenkamp.  "The choir teacher saw me sitting alone at lunch and said that he had a part in the musical for me to play. This opportunity transformed me from a shy kid to a confident person. I knew that I had no other option than becoming a teacher myself, so I could provide similar opportunities for kids.” 
The awards were created by the Kennedy Center to honor Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday in 2010.  Sondheim is the winner of the Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre and he has received more Tony’s than any other composer.  To date, 61 awards and $610,000 in grants have been awarded.
"Teachers define us,” said Sondheim. "In our early years, when we are still being formed, they often see in us more than we see in ourselves, more even than our families see and, as a result, help us to evolve into what we ultimately become. Good teachers are touchstones to paths of achieving more than we might have otherwise accomplished, in directions we might not have gone."
The award is open to any teacher who has taught in a K-12 school, college or university in the United States.  Teachers of all grade levels and subject areas are eligible. A panel of judges reviews a pool of nominations and selects the recipients based on the power and quality of the nomination from their former students.
According to the Kennedy Center, "Although the range of subjects and grade levels vary widely, these inspirational teachers have one thing in common: each has overwhelmingly impacted his or her students’ lives and encouraged them to reach their potential."
Mr. Moellenkamp will continue helping his students reach their potential in a big way when he leads a group of 120 performers from SoundFX and Soundtrax to both compete for their third straight national titles at the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville on March 30 through April 3.


March 19, 2016
Xtravaganza 2016 - Day 3 results
1st   Clinton Attaché
2nd  Burroughs Powerhouse
3rd  Mt. Zion Swingsations
4th  Twinsburg Great Expectations
5th  Bonita Vista The Music Machine
Best Musicianship - Clinton Attaché
Best Showmanship - Clinton Attaché
Best Performers
Clinton Attaché – Casey Collier
Burroughs Powerhouse – Gigdet Marsek
Mt. Zion Swingsations – Mary Kate Whitley
Twinsburg Great Expectations – Alec Albright
Bonita Vista The Music Machine – Michale Cruz
Best Soloist – Sam Muligan and Vadean
Best Costumes - Clinton Attaché
Best Stage Crew – Burroughs Powerhouse
Best Acapella – Burroughs Powerhouse
Most Spirited – Twinsburg Great Expectations
1st   Burroughs Sound Sensations
2nd  Mt. Zion Les Femmes
Best Musicianship - Burroughs Sound Sensations
Best Showmanship - Burroughs Sound Sensations
Best Performers
Burroughs Sound Sensations – Amanda King
Mt. Zion Les Femmes – Alexa Marcum
Best Costumes – Mt. Zion Les Femmes
Best Stage Crew – Mt. Zion Les Femmes
Best Acapella – Burroughs Sound Sensations
Most Spirited – Mt. Zion Les Femmes
Best Female Soloist – Sages McMeely
1st  Hart Sound Vibrations
2nd  Carlsbad Sound Express
3rd  Mt. Eden Monarch Mirage
4th  Arcadia Chanteurs
Best Performers
Acadia Chanteurs – Tiffany Wong
Mt. Eden Monarch Mirage – Jarrell Avila
Hart Sound Vibrations – Connor Hong
Carlsbad Sound Express – Layth Haddad
Best Costumes – Hart Sound Vibrations
Best Acappella – Hart Sound Vibrations
Most Spirited – Mt. Eden Monarch Mirage
Best Soloist – Will Meyers
Best Tech Crew – Hart Sound Vibrations
1st    Burroughs Men @ Work
2nd   Mt. Eden Whose You Daddy?
3rd   Hart Unleashed
Best Performers
Burroughs Men @ Work – Austin Jew
Mt. Eden Whose Yo Daddy? – Jelani Charles
Hart Unleashed – Chase Warner
Best Showmanship – Men @ Work
Best Stage Crew – Burroughs Men @ Work
Best Acapella – Burroughs Men @ Work
Most Spirited – Hart Unleashed
1st    Vista Showcats
2nd   Hart Hart ‘n’ Soul
3rd   Pacifica Encore
Best Showmanship – Vista Showcats
Best Musicianship – Vista Showcats
Best Performers
Vista Showcats – Megan Perrault
Hart Hart ‘n’ Soul – Katherine Heath
Pacifica Encore – Kaden Frasier
Willow Canyon Evolution – Austin Monnet
Chaparral Platinum FX – Victoria Davies
1st    Luther Starlight
2nd   St. Anne’s Harmon Knights
3rd   Sowers Mixed Melodies
4th   Black Mountain It’s My Forte
Best Showmanship – Luther Starlight
Best Performers
Luther Starlight – Cristina Belangue
St. Anne’s Harmon Knights – Zack Rothman
Sowers Mixed Melodies – Joshua Outman
Black Mountain It’s My Forte – Maxine Sutton
Lexington Velocity – Jordan Sims
Hidden Valley Raider Show Choir – Patrick Resolme
Bell Showstoppers – Haley Tornew
March 18, 2016
Xtravaganza 2016 Day 2 Results
1st    Eisenhower Ike Singers
2nd   Notre Dame Vocal Impact
3rd   Gladstone Sonic Boom
4th   Duarte Cantabile
Best Musicianship – Eisenhower Ike Singers
Best Showmanship – Eisenhower Ike Singers
Best Performers
Eisenhower Ike Singers – Kiana Hedgemen
Notre Dame Vocal Impact – Keegan Luther
Gladstone Sonic Boom – Catarina Guzman
Duarte Cantabile – Cristian Pello
Mark Keppel Aztec Singers – Jane Odel
Oceanside Soundwaves – Jonah Segal
1st    Hart Sweet Harts
2nd   Eisenhower Ikettes
3rd   Montebello HI-Tones
Best Musicianship – Hart Sweet Harts
Best Showmanship – Hart Sweet Harts
Best Performers
Hart Sweet Harts – Cassy Rodriguez
Eisenhower Ikettes – Tanya Chorale
Montebello HI-Tones – Gabriella Green
1st    Mayfair Mariners
2nd   Bonita Vista Sound Unlimited
3rd   Burroughs Decibelles
4th   Hart Hart Breakers
Best Musicianship – Mayfair Mariners
Best Showmanship – Bonita Vista Sound Unlimited
Best Performers
Mayfair Mariners – Julian Hines
Bonita Vista Sound Unlimited – Veredesma Ledesma
Burroughs Decibelles – Nicole Rohas
Hart Hart Breakers - Lauren Kreuter
Arcadia Harmonix – Yee Lat
Carlsbad Encore – Brianna Lehman
1st    Burroughs Soundwaves
2nd   Mayfair Showtime
3rd   MLK Show Choir
Best Musicianship – Burroughs Soundwaves
Best Showmanship – Burroughs Soundwaves
Best Performers
Burroughs Soundwaves – Maquel Marzo
Mayfair Showtime – Axel Flores
MLK Show Choir – Justine Rafael


March 18, 2016
Xtravaganza 2016 - Schedule Changes
We've adjusted a few time slots for Friday and Saturday's competitors.  Here's the most up-to-date schedule.
















March 17, 2016
Xtravaganza 2016 - Day 1 Results
Middle School Men
1st Oak Showmen Elite
2nd McAuliffe Soulmen
3rd Bell Sound Machine
Best Showmanship - Oak Showmen Elite
Best Performers
Oak Showmen Elite - Ethan Salter
McAuliffe Soulmen - Ryan and Daniel
Bell Sound Machine - Evan Arnadero
Middle School Women
1st Oak Showstoppers
2nd John Muir Girls Next Door
3rd McAuliffe Studio Singers
4th Luther Spotlight
Best Showmanship - Oak Showstoppers
Best Performers
Oak Showstoppers - Abby Annis
John Muir Girls Next Door - Lily Owers
McAuliffe Studio Singers - Kyra Meredith
Luther Spotlight - Ellen Tahmasyan
Bear Valley Altitude Adrenaline - Elaine Nelson
Bell Star Struck - Rocky Zapien
Sowers Uptown Girls - Isabela Miller