Selection Information

Participation in the Vocal Music Program is a wonderful experience for all students in all choirs. Selection into an advanced choir is based on more than singing and dancing skills and includes evaluation of components such as, but not limited to, stage presence, poise, work ethic, grades, and maturity.


You will be placed in the choir that the directors and other staff members feel offers you the greatest opportunity for growth and success. All choirs provide a great choir experience to learn and improve your skills and demonstrate leadership. Additional choirs may be added as needed.


All placement decisions are final. The directors will not discuss audition decisions.


Results will be posted on the choir Auditions Results page.

No Drop Rule

Decisions about choir membership are made to create balanced musical ensembles. We discourage students from dropping the chosen ensemble once the school year has begun. This includes zero period Xpressions. If a student wishes to drop from the class, they must have a one-on-one meeting with the directors. It is important to note that nonprofit laws prohibit us from refunding any donations made to the program.

Audition Criteria

Below is an example of the qualities the directors will be evaluating during an audition.